Swimming Pool Options & Features

Brisbane pool builders
Bellevista Pools can tailor a new swimming pool design which incorporates a wide range of options and features to suit every purpose and preference. The swimming pool options and features we offer Brisbane homeowners currently includes:

Filtration Systems

As with all the quality products we use in the construction of our inground pools,
our pool filters are built to stand the test of time. And, of course, they’re included in the price.

Pool Heating

If you’re looking for
year-round comfort with your new concrete swimming pool, you’ll be pleased to note that Bellavista Pools provides a variety of solar heating options.


What better way to
laze away the hours and indulge yourself than with a luxurious spa pool? Our design team can help you select the perfect spa pool design to suit the aesthetics of your new swimming pool and outdoor space.

Electrical Work

Electrical work carried out by a qualified electrician is required to connect the pool filter and options extras such as pool lighting. Bellavista Pools gives you the option of arranging your own
electrical work or we can suggest a qualified local electrician for you.

Water Features and Disappearing Edges

We offer a great selection of water features, including waterfalls
and disappearing edges. We can tailor pool edges to seamlessly blend into the background and implement a variety of water features into the design of your new pool.

Pool Lighting

Pool lighting enables you to use your swimming pool throughout the evening, provides appealing aesthetics, and enhances pool safety. Bellavista Pools supplies a superb
range of low maintenance LED lights which have a lifespan of 70,000 hours.

Pool Finishes

To complete the look of your new concrete swimming pool, we offer
pool finishes to suit everyone’s preferences and tastes, including stone, tile and pebble. Fully tiled and Quartzon interiors are also available.

Statues, Ornaments and Rockeries

We can incorporate just about any ornament into your new pool design to suit the look you’re after, as well as help you create your very own oasis with a custom-designed rockery that softens and naturalises your swimming pool environment.

Fencing, Landscaping and Decking

To complement your existing landscaping and create an attractive swimming pool area enclosed by a
boundary fence (aluminium, glass, brick and block) that meets the latest regulations, let Bellavista Pools assist you with your pool surround landscaping project.

Pool Blankets

For year round water and warmth retention, we recommend complementing your new pool with a durable swimming pool blanket.
A variety of premium pool blankets to suit pools of all shapes and sizes are available.

We welcome the opportunity to help you customise your new pool to your preferences. To discuss your ideas and the options and features we offer with one of our inground pool specialists, please contact Bellevista Pools today on (07) 3245 5542.